The 2016 Xactware Property Report was released last month by Xactware.  The report reveals that in 2016 there were over 509,000 claims estimated through Xactimate with $3.2 billion in Estimate Value.  With a large sample size, the report revealed that soft contents, clothing, and textiles is the largest volume category of personal property by a long shot (5:33 minutes into the video).

Applying the Results to Your Business

 When you understand that soft contents, clothing, and textiles is the largest component of the contents claim by volume, it allows you to make decisions on how you are handling your jobs.  Since it is the largest part of the job, you know that you need to be very intentional on the way that you handle that part of the job. 

 Watch the video report on the Xactimate website.

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2016 Xactware Property Report












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