There is a growing trend for property insurance companies looking for restoration service providerFewer Points of Contacts that can act as a “one stop shop” for restoration services. This trend is in line with the results of the J.D. Power and Associates® study titled “How Homeowners Really Feel”, which illustrates that as additional points of contact are added to the claim response, customer satisfaction declines. When a contractor has complete, in-house services they are able to deliver higher customer satisfaction ratings then if the various segments of the job are each managed by different service providers.

Ensuring that technicians have the necessary competencies to effectively and efficiently restore contents is essential for long term success. While it may seem like an obvious statement it is something that is often overlooked. As more and more service lines are brought in-house, the need for specialized training grows.

Given the turnover rate of technician level employees, there is an ongoing requirement for training within an organization. When you take into consideration the fully loaded cost of ongoing employee training, it’s obvious that training isn’t a cheap endeavor. That being said, the cost of training is far exceeded by the long term cost of not adequately training your team.

Hands on TrainingInstructor lead, hands-on, face-to-face training is a very effective method of learning. An important consideration is: What happens three months after the training when the employee needs a refresher or six months later when employee turnover occurs and complete re-training is required? What tools and systems are in place to facilitate that ongoing training requirement within the organization? Is the restoration company prepared to invest in face-to-face training in the frequency that is required to maintain a properly trained workforce?

Esporta Wash Systems Inc. developed an industry leading, face-to-face training program that has helped the Esporta Certified Operators® become the world’s largest soft contents restoration network. However, Esporta recognized a problem: Not enough Esporta owners were investing in face-to-face training for continuing education or training new employees after their initial startup training. Over the years, the result was an undertrained network.

To solve this problem, Esporta introduced an online video training program featuring tutorial videos that demonstrate step-by-step how to perform each of the key tasks related to restoring soft contents. The training program includes interactive exercises and learning games to get the learner involved in the training so that it is not a passive experience. The result of the introduction of this online training was a staggering 900% increase in re-training for existing customers.iS4000

To bring employee training to the next level, Esporta Wash Systems Inc. introduced the iS4000 Wash System. This internet connected, soft contents restoration system brings on-demand training to the shop floor using the system’s built in touchscreen display. With the iS4000, when an operator needs a refresher they can pull up one of the 60+ training videos that are streamed to the built in 10” display. If the operator has a unique cleaning challenge they can also use the integrated video conference feature to speak face-to-face with a soft contents restoration specialist for advice.

Regardless of whether using online or traditional training methods, modern restoration contractors should take a proactive approach in regards to employee training. Determine what training is required for each department and set a training plan for initial training and continuing education. Make the most of your investment in training by clearly defining the objectives, how the knowledge and skills will be implemented, and how the success of the training will be evaluated.
When you invest the necessary resources to build each of these core components of your staffing program you will see reduced employee turnover, increased organizational success and greater profitability.

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