The Situation: 

Fire and heavy smoke caused extensive damage throughout a 4 bedroom, 2200 sq. ft. home.  The adjuster and the contractor discover that the extent of the damage exceeded the homeowner’s policy.  The homeowner is an influential and high profile client.  The adjuster is distraught.  The homeowner has faithfully renewed his policy every year and no one has noticed that the contents were underinsured.

The Problem:

  • $150,000 of contents damage, $40,000 of which is clothing and  all of which considered to be non-restorable by the adjuster
  • $80,000 of contents  insurance coverage
  • Underinsured for $70,000 of the loss

The Solution:

A local restoration company suggests to the adjuster that the bulk of this claim can be restored utilizing the Esporta Wash System technology. 

  • All of the clothing was restored to pre-loss condition for a cleaning cost of $8,000
  • Other soft contents were restored for a cost of 20% of the replacement costs
  • $80,000 policy limits were met through a combination of restored and new replaced items.

The Bottom Line:

The Esporta Wash System technology enabled the adjuster and the insurance company, with the help of the local restoration company, to fully cover and, therefore, delight a customer in an underinsured scenario.

The Awful Truth: 

Sadly, 68% of homeowners in the USA are underinsured by an average of 18%, according to a survey by insurance-services firm MSB.  A similar United Policyholders study showed that 75% of California homeowners affected by the 2007 wildfires were underinsured by an average of $240,000 per claim.

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