Like all industries, the insurance industry has changed significantly over the years.  How policies are sold, how claims are adjusted, and the technologies and processes used to remediate and restore property after a loss have all changed and will continue to change.  This change is happening to protect the interests of the key stakeholders: the customers, the environment, and the insurance company shareholders. 

One of the big changes that has occurred has been who the insurance company wants to do the work.  Anyone who has been in the industry for any amount of time will remember a time when insurers didn’t want the same company that was doing the emergency work to be the company to do the re-build.  They were concerned that the restoration company would do more tear out than necessary in order to increase their scope of work on the rebuild side. 

What insurers soon realized was that this “parting out” of the job wasn’t the right choice because it confused the customer and didn’t create a positive customer experience.  As the number of points of contact for the policyholder increased, their customer satisfaction decreased.  The company called in for the emergency work has built a relationship and level of trust with the policyholder.  Policyholders are happier if that same company that was called in for the emergency can take them through the entire process.  This has led insurers to seek out full service restoration companies.

Soft contents and textile restoration

Soft contents and textiles represent the largest volume category of property on a personal property loss (source: 2016 Xactimate Property Claim Report).  Previously, this part of the job would often be parted out to a drycleaner for them to manage.  This increased the points of contact and added confusion for the customer.  Today, this part of the job can be handled better by a full service restoration company equipped with the Esporta Wash System

Esporta Certified Operators, a network of restoration companies who have been certified in the use of the Esporta Wash System are capable of restoring an average of 85% of the goods that drycleaners deem non-restorable.  This massive increase in rate of restoration means that homeowners will get back more of their possessions with sentimental value.  The quilt hand made by grandma before she passed, the wedding gown, and a child’s favorite stuffed animal are now more likely to be restored and returned thanks to Esporta Certified Operators.  Insurers also have more accurate claim settlement costs by not unnecessarily paying to replace an item that could be restored.  And lastly and possibly most importantly, the environmental impact of the loss is reduced when goods are kept out of the landfill utilizing Esporta’s environmentally friendly process.

Restore…Don’t Replace®

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