The Anatomy of a Contents Restoration Claim

Contents restoration is a hot topic with insurers today.  Insurance companies are looking to increase customer satisfaction while reducing the cost of closing the claim.  One of the ways they are acheiving this increased claim satisfaction with reduced claim settlement costs is through full service restoration companies.  Results from national claim satisfaction surveys such as the J.D. Power & Associates® Study How Homeowners Really Feel shows that policyholders are happier with fewer points of contact on a claim.

Here is the breakdown of categories on a typical contents restoration claim:

  • Jewelry, etc. - 8%
  • Tools and equipment - 14%
  • Food, misc - 6%
  • Furniture - 18%
  • Electronics - 19%
  • Soft contents, textiles, laundry - 35%

Soft contents, textiles, and laundry is the largest category of contents in a home.   This is easy to understand when you consider that the invoice from dry cleaner is often one of the largest expenses on the entire restoration job.

However, less than 5% of these soft content items require actual dry-cleaning.  Using the Esporta Wash System, restoration companies can restore 95% of the items in-house.  So if a drycleaner is only needed to process such a small percentage of the items, why would you unecessarily introduce them as an additional point of contact for the policyholder?  In-house soft contents restoration results in happier customers, faster and simpler claim settlement costs, and reduced claim settlement costs for insurers. 

Free White Paper: Understanding a National Claim Satisfaction Survey and How The Results Affect Your Restoration BusinessUnderstanding the Results of the Insurance Claim Satisfaction Survey

This national insurance claim satisfaction survey contains information that is relevant to every restoration company owner or manager.  In this document, we share several key graphs from within the study and include a breakdown and explanation of what the graph means and how it relates to a restoration company.

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NeilNeil Grant was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada.  A graduate of the UBC School of Business, Neil is a senior account manager at Esporta Wash Systems Inc.  Over the past 11 years, Neil has been helping restoration companies succeed and stand out in their marketplace through in-house soft contents, textile, and laundry restoration.  In his free time, Neil loves to ski, hike, and mountain bike in the British Columbia Mountains with his wife, two children, and their dog Duke.

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