As an innovative, game-changing technology, the Esporta iS Series Wash System means more control, more revenue and more market opportunities.

Armed with the Esporta iS Series Washing System, you’ll realize the possibilities of having an innovative, cutting edge and game-changing technology at your fingertips.

Disaster Restoration

The Esporta Wash System is capable of decontaminating soft contents from all categories of losses; including sewage, mold and can restore  damage caused by smoke and soot from a fire.  The decontamination efficacy (this means how well it removes the contaminants) has been validated by numerous third party laboratory tests performed by leading hygienists, universities, and industry consultants. 

Insurance professionals who select soft contents restoration through Esporta Certified Operators benefit from having delighted policyholders, faster and simpler claim settlements, and more accurate claim settlement costs.  

Personal Protective Equipment

Those who use Personal Protective Equipment trust the Esporta Wash System because our Wash System eliminates the contamination ingrained in PPE. In this way, the Esporta Wash System ensures those who use PPE are safe at work, every day.

The Esporta Wash System has the optimum cleaning process to make sure inorganic contaminants and contaminant build up in Personal Protective Equipment is eliminated. In addition, it also:

  • Removes potentially flammable ground-in soils
  • Eliminates insoluble and flammable soap scum
  • Does not deteriorate reflectivity after repeated launderings
  • Minimizes color and strength loss over time
  • Offers uncompromised thermal protection
  • Cleans a variety of equipment, including helmets, boots, ropes, backpacks and other hard-to-clean ensembles

Scientific testing at the University of Alberta proved that the Esporta Wash System far exceeds the capabilities of traditional washing methods for fire-retardant textiles.

The Esporta Wash System is an unparalleled cleaning process capable of decontaminating without deteriorating fabrics or reducing material reflectivity or damaging hard goods.

Sports Equipment

The Esporta Wash System is trusted by Walter Gretzky, Joe Thornton and the USA Hockey National Team Development Program for a reason: it ensures sports equipment is food grade clean, every time.

The porous nature of equipment combined with a warm, wet environment makes it an excellent breeding ground for mold, fungus, E. coli and Staph bacteria.

The Esporta iS Series Patented Hydraulic Cleaning Process forces detergents and disinfectants deep into the equipment foam and fabrics, eliminating these bacteria and viruses, from all types of sports gear including football and hockey helmuts, cleats, shoulder pads, rollerblades and ski boots.


The Advanced Cleaning System was specifically designed by Esporta to address the needs of the Global Defense, Security and Protective Services Market. The military grade Esporta iS Series Wash System is capable of providing:

  • An unmatched standard of cleanliness that assures the removal of dirt, blood, contaminants, and bodily fluids in addition to the removal of petroleum, oil and lubricants
  • High capacity comparable to existing commercial laundry systems
  • The ability to maintain the protective properties of items cleaned
  • The reduction of premature fading and wear

Independent laboratory testing has proven that the Advanced Cleaning System removes 99.99% of contaminants.

Gear cleaned by the Esporta Wash System includes working dog harnesses, law enforcement duty gear, concealable body armor carriers, boots, military rescue litters, and much more.

The Esporta Wash System cleans a wide variety of military gear that could not be restored prior to this technology.

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