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What is Restoration Guru?

Esporta Wash System Operator Training

In the Online Esporta Wash System Operator Certification Course, you will learn:

  • General information: The components of the Esporta Wash System and the science of cleaning
  • How to prepare goods for cleaning and restoration in the Esporta Wash System
  • How to restore goods using the Esporta Wash System and operate the iS4000
  • How to finish soft contents and laundry
  • How to perform routine maintenance on the Esporta Wash System Students are taught through a combination of demonstrational videos and interactive online courses. An understanding of the course content is verified through an online certification exam upon completion of the course. All of this is delivered through a learning management system which will track students progress in the course.

Subject Matter Expert: Neil Grant
This training course is included in the Esporta Certiifed Operator Membership and is only available to Esporta Certified Operator member companies.
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Pack Out Protocol

Learn how to perform the proper pack out of contents with Restoration Guru's online video training course. This course includes lessons on how to prepare for a successful pack out, how to complete a contents inventory, how to package contents for safety and restoration efficiency, how to professionally label contents, and how to package a wide variety of hard and soft contents.  Members of the Esporta Certified Operators have free access to this training course.   

Course Access: 72 Hours
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Effective Loss Response

Project and business managers that are running claims involving contents need to understand how to effectively respond to and manage the job to ensure a successful outcome.  Learn everything from how to properly receive the job to the return of the contents to the homeowner and all of the steps in between.  Members of the Esporta Certified Operators have free access to this training program. 

Course access: 72 Hours
Subject matter expert: Jay Boyer
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Contents Handling Facility

To be a leader in your marketplace you need to have a modern contents restoration facility that increases the rate of restoration versus replacement while reducing the processing time and handling costs.  In this course, you will learn how to plan, design, and manage a modern contents restoration facility.  Members of the Esporta Certified Operators have free access to this training program.

Course access: 72 hours
Subject matter expert: Jay Boyer
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Business Management & Owners Roll

In these sessions, Phillip Rosebrook will outline the Restoration Excellence program and how to effectively use this valuable training to improve the quality of your company, your profitability and cash flow. There are many good restoration companies, a number of great restoration companies, but we believe that to survive and thrive in the future you will need to become a truly exceptional restoration company. Phillip will discuss how you can use the tips and training include in our program to create an Exceptional Restoration Company. Included in this series we will cover the role of the manager of a restoration company and discuss the related job description. You will learn the standard financial benchmarks and an action plan to achieve these results. We will also define strategies that will transform your company from a reactive to a proactive company that implements plans and achieves results. In the first four classes you will learn these strategies and more.

Subject matter expert: Phillip Rosebrook
Course access: 72 hours
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Restoration Customer Service

The foundation of any successful business strategy will be built on exceptional customer service. All of the other components of an exceptional Restoration Company are built on a foundation of a culture of excellent customer service. Steve Toburen has defined a strategy called Service Engineering that is based on a system of harnessing Moments of Truth to dramatically exceed your customer’s expectations. If you have not heard Steve Speak or heard his presentation before, then you are in for a treat. This is likely the most valuable topic in our series as every employee and subcontractor should view these sessions as a part of your initial orientation program. Exceptional customer service is easy to implement and a very low cost strategy with a very high impact. After viewing these sessions you may find that you want more which you can get through the five day Strategies for Success course at Jon Don which was created by Steve Toburen.

Subject matter expert: Steve Toburen
Course access: 72 hours
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Restoration Marketing

In these sessions we will define how to create a sustainable business marketing plan that is based on a solid foundation and strategy. We will cover how to create a marketing plan, including activities and a budget. The marketing plan will be built on goal achievement and results rather than just activity. We will also cover the basics of marketing a restoration company for your marketing representative. This will be based on the fundamentals of the industry and could serve as a basic orientation for a new marketing representative or a refresher for the seasoned veteran. We will cover the marketing roles and responsibilities of your entire staff as well as measurement systems. You will learn the single most valuable marketing tool in the industry that by itself will cover the entire cost of the class perhaps in the first month alone. We will also cover topics such as television advertising, yellow pages and creating a company brand. ​

Subject matter expert: Phillip Rosebrook​
Course access: 72 hours
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Vortex Drying

You may know Chuck Dewald as the pioneer of the three day hands on water damage classes. Chuck’s son, Chuck has taken over the business and is a part of our training team. This is entirely new content created for the Restoration Excellence course. This material will not replace their three day hands on course, but will serve to improve the competence of your water damage staff. The material has been designed for your frontline technicians and can be used for new and seasoned professionals. This will serve as a great tool for cross training your restoration staff, orientation for new technicians, as well as improving the water restoration knowledge of your entire management staff. These sessions will allow you to be more efficient on your emergency service, minimize your liability by performing work right the first time, improve the efficiency of staff that is not directly working on emergencies every day, and assure the job is left dry. You are certain to utilize this session for most all personnel in your company.

Subject matter expert: Chuck Dewald
Course access: 72 hours
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Large Job and Catastrophe Management

Warner Cruz is perhaps one of the foremost experts on large job management. He performs Catastrophe and large loss work throughout the US and is an expert on quality control, project management, billing and collections, and staffing. You will learn systems and procedures that will allow you to effectively complete large losses in your market. Large losses carry a lot of risk and potential for reward – you can utilize the lessons learned through these sessions to minimize your risk and maximize your reward. Large loss management is not for everyone, but trial and error can be an expensive instructor. Find out if your firm should compete for these types of projects and learn how to plan for your next large loss.

Subject matter expert: Warner Cruz​
Course access: 72 hours
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Construction Management

Construction management is typically offers the biggest room for improvement in most restoration companies. The projects require planning, organization and excellent communication and follow through. You will learn how to plan for and achieve profits on construction projects. Last month you learned how to estimate and sell profitable jobs. It is essential if you are to achieve your share of construction projects, you need to complete quality work, on time and on budget. Construction projects are usually laden with poor quality and mismanagement. You will learn the systems that will allow you to perform exceptionally on construction jobs and dramatically improve your profitability. With quality work performed quickly, you will gain more than your share of the construction work in your market. Proper production requires good management, measurement and accountability. If you can master these traits you will earn the right to be the preferred vendor in your town. Not only will you get basic management techniques, but you will also receive average production and profitability benchmarks as well as strategies to achieve these results. Dave Ellings will show you how 5% improvements in productivity can double your net profits and how 15 minutes a day will yield huge results to your bottom line. Want to find the first 5 minute savings or double your net profits – watch these valuable sessions. ​

Subject matter expert: Phillip Rosebrook, Marty Jocz​ and David Ellings
Course access: 72 hours
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Restoration Sales

Howard Olsen is President and CEO of High Output Training Systems and is one of North America’s foremost sales performance experts. As a leading authority on the psychology of selling and peak sales performance, Howard’s gift lies in distilling the seemingly complex down to a simple process that can be easily learned and immediately applied. He’s a dynamic and engaging speaker that motivates his audiences not through empty hype but through concrete ideas which produce sustainable results quickly to inspire skyrocketing confidence. Howard will provide sales tips that will improve performance throughout your organization.

Subject matter expert: Howard Olsen
Course access: 72 hours
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Infrared Thermography

An infrared camera is a valuable tool or an expensive toy. If you have a thermal camera, you have made a valuable investment in your company, the challenge is to teach the people working on the jobs to properly use the camera and to avoid common pitfalls and traps. If you have not purchased a camera yet, learn why you should have one, find out the risks and benefits and learn what to look for when purchasing. Bill has been a pioneer in implementing Thermography in the restoration industry and is a sought after national speaker on the subject. Lean how you can use your camera to get more work, minimize risk and more efficiently and effectively complete jobs.

Subject matter expert: Scott Wood
Course access: 72 hours
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Restoration Human Resource Management

John will discuss trends in employment and proper employment practices that will provide good hiring, firing and management techniques that will improve your company and minimize company risk. Learn personality profiles and how this leads to effective management and job fit.

Subject matter expert: John Fox
Course access: 72 hours
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