Esporta iS4000/Traditional Agitation Front Load Washer Comparison



Esporta iS4000

Milnor 36026V7Z


100 lbs.

100 lbs.

Cleaning Action*

Hydraulic Pressure

Traditional Agitation

Patent Technology



Internet Connection 



Ongoing Training & Support**



Proprietary Detergents



Restoration Wash Cycles*** 



*Cleaning Action- Front Load Traditional Agitation

The front load washer uses “traditional” agitation. This method of cleaning, (just as with your front or top loading washer at home), has been around for over 150 years with negligible changes. You can see from the chart below how the agitation process works for all frontload commercial washers regardless of brand. While an effective method of washing for “regular” dirt, stains and soil from everyday wear; to clean water or smoke impacted clothing in the front load washer requires the use of more aggressive cycles and “hotter” water. Traditional agitation with longer, more aggressive cycles and “warm” or “hot” water severely limits the type and kind of soft contents that can survive the wash cycle. In other words, many items cannot be cleaned at all or, if they are aggressively cleaned, damage from smoke, soot and water may be removed, yet shrinkage, color loss and damage to the clothing items are the result.

On the flip side, traditional agitation also limits the type of items that can be safely cleaned regardless of water temperature or cycle time. Leathers, shoes, purses, belts, decorative pillows, stuffed animals, china dolls, beaded and sequined items, wedding gowns, sports equipment and firefighters PPE gear are among the long list of items that cannot be cleaned with traditional agitation washing. Any commercial washer manufacturer would advise even attempting to clean these “specialty” items.


*Cleaning Action- Esporta’s Hydraulic Pressure

The Esporta iS4000 uses patented hydraulic cleaning action. Hydraulic cleaning action is both a better clean and a safer clean. Unlike the front load washer, (and any other commercial washer), the drum, or cylinder, is divided into 4 pockets, or chambers. Soft contents are loaded into each pocket, which holds and limits the amount of movement, or, agitation. As you can see from the chart below, the cylinder is rotated into water and proprietary detergents, creating hydraulic pressure that forces soils, stains and contaminants from fire or water damage out of the fabric. This hydraulic pressure is significant enough to go through multiple layers for a deep down clean. It also allows for the use of cool, or cold, water while still maintaining a high level of effective restoration.

Hydraulic action cleaning does NOT limit the type of items that can be safely cleaned because each pocket holds the items securely in place. Leathers, shoes, purses, belts, decorative pillows, stuffed animals, china dolls, beaded and sequined items, wedding gowns, sports equipment and firefighters PPE gear are among the long list of items that CAN be safely cleaned with Esporta’s patented wash system. A national restoration drycleaner, who only uses traditional mechanical action commercial washers, confirmed that the Esporta allows a user to clean 20% more items from a loss. That percentage, on a normal job, equates to an extra $1,000 in soft contents billing per claim.

** Ongoing Training and Support

Training in the processes and procedures of soft contents restoration is imperative to your success. This is a major focus of our company; to ensure your staff are confident from pack out to pack back. Each training and support package is specific to each location and includes the following:

Esporta Operator iS4000 Online Training

Students are taught through a combination of demonstrational videos and interactive online exercises on the iS4000 system and procedures. This program and certification test are delivered through an online learning management system which tracks the learner’s progress throughout the course. In addition, there are over 240 video tutorials that are accessible to your staff.

Esporta One on One Coaching Program

Our One on One Coaching program is a step by step process which guides you through the initial facility design, installation and set-up of the iS4000 and accessories. Your Director of Training, Daryl Nestibo, has over 17 years of industry experience. He is your dedicated coach for each individual location to ensure you are successful as you launch your soft contents division. With advancement in technology, online training has become the most efficient and cost-effective method to train your company’s personal. This method of training has become essential for high staff turnover industries.

Esporta Business Development & Marketing Launch Program

This comprehensive coaching and training program is designed to provide your marketing staff the tools to successfully launch, develop and grow your soft contents business. This program includes training and instructions for open houses, CE courses, lunch & learns, webinars, course work books and key performance indicator reviews.

Esporta SMART System Online Support

This is a personalized service to provide individual support for your staff. Tools such as FAQ’s, access to online video tutorials, real time chat and virtual face to face support will ensure questions are answered in a timely manner. No more waiting for a return email or a call back. This support is accessible via the 10” tablet on the machine and available to every operator at your location.


*** Restoration Wash Cycles

Front load washing machines, (or any other traditional washing machine manufacturer), provides a limited warranty after the sale. But that’s where their role ends. This is by design and not necessarily meant to be a negative statement, or criticism. Companies like Milnor sell traditional agitation commercial washers to a wide audience; a Milnor may be sold and installed in a retail dry-cleaning plant, hospital, school, hotel, government facility, linen supply, etc., etc.

By design, purchasing a Milnor is a sales transaction.

Purchasing an Esporta is a partnership.

You are our market and our proprietary detergents and restoration wash cycles are designed for soft contents impacted by fire and water damage. We aren’t focused or distracted with other markets. This enables Esporta to focus on providing ongoing training and support after the sale. Every machine is connected to the internet and each operator has 24/7 access to videos and tutorials and the ability to Skype Video Conference with a “live” support person. We provide forms and paperwork, business development strategies and hand-outs, all as part of the purchase of your Esporta.

With Esporta you aren’t just buying a machine, you are investing in a system. These are differences that do not show up on a spec sheet, but they will show up in the bottom line of our restoration partners.




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