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Due to the concerns of COVID19, we have post-ponned all up coming onsite training sessions.


Quotes About the Events


“Awesome job, entertaining and valuable.”

“Great job. Even as an experienced Esporta operator, we learned quite a bit.”

“Excellent training! I would highly recommend this to all Esporta operators and owners!”

“Great! Covered all my questions and didn’t overdue any sessions. Also, kept my interest the entire time. I would recommend to anyone in the textile business.”

“Overall very interesting, I would strongly recommend it, and it touched very important points.”

“Very informative. Great information to take back to my co-workers. Great marketing information as well.”

“I liked the interactive discussions and to be able to see where we can fine-tune our operation. Russ and Daryl are excellent instructors.”

This was excellent and informative, entertaining and pertinent.”  

“Absolutely amazing! I learned a lot. This was very good for our business!”

About the Events

Take advantage of this opportunity to take your soft contents’ division to the next level!

This 2-day hands-on training event has something for everyone!

The training agenda is designed to benefit Esporta owners, Esporta operators, contents managers and sales staff. Let us share with you the best practices and experiences of hundreds of Certified Esporta Operators facilitated by our training team of Daryl Nestibo and Russ Jacobs.

Event Topics

  • Best Practices including Packing out, Sorting, Finishing and Packaging

  • Processing Wash Tips

  • Business Development - Marketing

  • Inventory & Pricing Soft Contents

  • Roundtable Discussions - Share your best practices

  • Esporta System Maintenance

  • Presenting the ES-3300 Technology Upgrade

  • Full Service Facility Tour – See the Esporta, Ultrasonic, and Electronic Technologies


  • Daryl Nestibo - Director of Customer Success with Esporta Wash Systems Inc.

  • Russ Jacobs - Quality Assurance Manager with The ECONA Network



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